About Us

Who are Bakers Emergency Evacuation Plans Perth?

We are a small group of West Australians with years of experience in Design within the Construction Industry. We are active in Emergency Evacuation Documentation at the request of many of our clients in the light of growing concern over Public Liability in public, workplace and residential buildings.

Although we are not a Fire Protection Company or a Training Organisation, we travel to all parts of Western Australia from Perth to provide our qualified and experienced service.

We offer a cost-effective, friendly service with the assurance based on our knowledge of Building and Construction Codes and the Health and Safety Act.

The Team

Lloyd Baker and Russell Norman have collectively 70 years experience in Design within the Building Industry and more recently 4 years in the developing Emergency Evacuation Procedures sector.

Lloyd and Russell have thus been comprehensively trained, receiving the neccesary qualifications, and have kept abreast of the ever-changing new regulations addressing this aspect of the building industry.

The team also includes specialists in Building Inspection and Emergency Lighting.


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Ensuring Your Workplace and Residence Buildings are Evacuation Ready!


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