Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Common Questions about Evacuation Plans and Procedures

How do I get a quote?

Please email digital images of the building, 4 outside and 6 inside, together with a written description of the nature of the business or residential building and the address. This will provide us with what we need to provide a quote. These are quotes are FREE!

Do you just prepare artwork only?

No. After first getting an idea of the buildings from th eimages forwarded, we then visit the site in order to prepare a report regarding any non-compliance issues with the building.

This is a complex task and it is unreasonable to expect a facilities manager or a tradesperson to generally have these competencies. It requires a qualified and experienced person to do this inspection work.

If we simply produce pretty pictures of supposed evacuation plans without first checing the building for current compliance with the relevant codes and standards, or producing a full Emergency Evacuation Procedure, we would be failing in our duty of care to our clients.

What are your Terms and Conditions?

We require an order number or a letter of intent prior to visiting the site. We require C.O.D payment of our invoice on completion of the work before documentation is handed over.


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