Emergency Evacuations Procedure

What Do We Offer to Our Clients?

A:-  We provide an Emergency Evacuation Procedure as required by the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984 and the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1996

This documentation is written after first visiting the premises to discuss safety hazards and inspect Exit Routes etc with the client.

A Risk Management Plan is included in the resultant documentation.

B:-  We provide a written report on the site highlighting any issues requiring rectification in order to comply with the Act.

It is then the clients Duty of Care obligation to employees, residents and visitors and the general public to implement these changes as outlined in the documentation.

C:-  We provide the Artwork for the Emergency Evacuation Diagrams that are to be displayed adjacant to each Emergency Exit. These have to be specifically designed for each exit of the premises.

D:-  We provide Ongoing Service to our clients, advising of any updates to emergency evacuation reuqirements that will affect their compliance with the Updated Act.

E:-  If our client modifies or improves the building in the future, for example by changing a tenancy wall layout, we can inexpensively update the documentation and information to reflect the new works.

Our Business Philosophy is built on good relationships with our clients and the local authorities, not on a 'get rich quick' business practice.


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Ensuring Your Workplace and Residence Buildings are Evacuation Ready!


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